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Real Estate Investors

Let a Seasoned Real Estate Investor Help You to Reach Your Real Estate Goals

I have personally owned over 20 properties, ranging from single-family homes to multi-unit apartment buildings to commercial real estate, so I have the knowledge and experience to help you increase your net worth by investing in real estate.

On the purchase side, we can help you locate prospective properties to purchase, analyze their financials, and facilitate the acquisition of the best candidate.

On the selling side, we can expose your property to the local, regional, and national markets and help you sell your property for the highest price the market will bear. We can also help you re-invest your proceeds into other properties while preserving your equity.

We Consult, Advise, and Guide You to Reach Your Goals

As your real estate advisor, I consult with you, understand your needs, requirements, and desired outcomes. Then I use my knowledge, experience, and skills to advise you in your real estate investments.

Needs Analysis
Discover your needs and requirements
Goal Setting
Determine your desired outcome
Develop action plan to achieve your goal
Guide you as we execute your action plan
Help you achieve your real estate goal
Provide Benefit
Contribute value to your life

Throughout the entire client experience, I'm dedicated to providing exceptional service that exceeds your expectations, always focused on delivering results that help you reach your real estate goals.


Help you invest in real estate to achieve your real estate goals.

Services and Benefits

Our real estate investing advisory provides these value-added services and benefits:

  • Consultation to discuss your current situation, financial resources, desired outcome, and time frame
  • Educate you on the fundamentals of real estate investing
  • Develop a real estate investing action plan
  • Perform income and expenses calculations for properties of interest
  • Help you sell or buy properties to achieve your real estate investment goal
  • Receive exceptional service that exceeds your expectations

My Mission

To be your personal real estate advisor providing exceptional service enabling you to achieve your real estate goals and improve your life.

Investment Question

Q Is “location, location, location” really the most important factor when buying real estate? You can buy a property with a good location, but if you buy or sell it at the wrong time, you will lose money. While price, location, features, and condition are important, the key factor when investing in real estate is timing — buying at the right time and selling at the right time.

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